24.3 Diversity of Life: Fungi key p. 189

    1. How are the phyla differentiated? Define perfect stage as it refers to the Fungi. Illustrate the life cycle of a typical fungus.
      The phyla have variations in their reproductive cycles. Perfect stage is the sexual cycle.

  1. The phyla of Fungi

    Phylum Zygomycota - the bread molds (Rhizopus).

    1. What is the function of the sporangium? What propagates the spores?
      Sporangium produces haploid spores during the asexual cycle. Spores are propagated when the sporangium ruptures.
    2. What is the perfect stage of the Zygomycota?
      Heterokaryotic zygosporangium.

    Phylum Ascomycota - sac fungi.

    1. What is the perfect stage of the Ascomycota?
      Dikaryotic, multicellular hyphae.

    Phylum Basidiomycota - club fungi.

    1. What is the perfect stage of the Basidiomycota:?
      Dikaryotic basidiocarp.
    2. What part of the life cycle does the mushroom represent? p. 190
      Mushroom is the dikaryotic basidiocarp of the sexual cycle.

  2. Symbiotic fungal relationships

    1. What phyla of Fungi compose ectomycorrhizae?
      Ectomycorrhizae are mainly Basidiomycota, some Ascomycota, Zygomycota.

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