Unit 3: Genetics Extras  Study Guide

Chapter 20 Biotechnology Review
  1. DNA cloning (making copies of a DNA segment) often makes use of a bacterial .
  2. Bacterial enzymes can be used to make DNA which can be cloned in host bacteria.
  3. are DNA copies made from processed mRNAs which contain only .
  4. The polymerase reaction (PCR) can make copies of a segment of DNA in .
  5. DNA fragments can be separated by electrophoresis and analyzed to identify alleles.
  6. DNA can be used to determine if two samples of DNA are from the same source.
  7. DNA sequencing can be done by the chain termination method.
  8. Some somatic cells remain and can generate a whole organism.
  9. Mammalian cells may be or .
  10. One technique for making of animals is nuclear , which has been used to clone mammals such as Dolly and Copy.
    Applications of DNA technology:
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