Unit 4: Mechanisms of Evolution Extras  Study Guide

Chapter 22 Descent with Modification Review
  1. Charles Darwin explained the diversity of life by through with from a common ancestor.
  2. Humans have modified other species over generations by and breeding individuals that possess desired traits.
  3. Darwin proposed selection as the mechanism driving evolution.
  4. Drug resistance in bacteria and viruses such as HIV are probably due to and for individual organisms that possess the resistance.
  5. anatomical structures, such as the among mammals, provide evidence of common ancestry with modifications.
  6. Comparative reveals anatomical not visible in adults.
  7. Unrelated species that occupy similar ecological may look similar by evolution.
  8. Darwin's theory of evolution predicts forms during the evolution of species, and this is supported by records.
  9. Homologous characteristics derived from a common can be used to establish evolutionary relationships among organisms.
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