Unit 5: The Evolutionary History of Diversity Extras  Study Guide

Chapter 28 Protists Review
  1. The kingdom formerly known as is crumbling. Protists are more diverse than any other eukaryote group.
  2. Much of protist diversity has its origins in serial .
  3. Unicellular protists:
  4. Multicellular protists:
    • Golden algae ( ) can be unicellular or colonial and contain yellow and brown for photosynthesis.
    • Brown algae ( ), are multicellular "seaweeds" that can grow to great heights.
    • algae and algae are the closest relatives of land plants.
      • Red algae ( ) are multicellular "seaweeds" that contain red pigments.
      • Green algae ( ) contain that give them their green color.
    • An innovation among the multicellular algae is the of generations.
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