Unit 5: The Evolutionary History of Diversity Extras  Study Guide

Chapter 29 Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land Review
  1. Land plants ( kingdom ) are a diverse group that evolved from algae.
  2. Four innovations among the kingdom Plantae are:
  3. Bryophytes lack tissue with three phyla of small herbaceous plants.
    • The large gametophytes produce which fuse to yield small .
    • Sporophytes produce haploid which grow to become the .
  4. Vascular plants possess specialized vascular tissues called and .
  5. Seedless vascular plants have life cycles with dominant and form two phyla.
    • Lycophyta includes mosses, mosses, and .
    • Pterophyta includes , , and ferns and their relatives.
    • Seedless vascular plants grew to great heights during the period and may have led to global cooling.
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